Getting adequate life cover is too important to decision not to make, but surprisingly, according to a recent poll undertaken by the Dying Matters Coalition up to 56% of the UK population have no life insurance. With the future welfare of your family at stake, you have to ask why?

Most life policies ask complicated questions about your job, health and lifestyle. If you fall into a high-risk category you would have to pay more or even by refused cover. This does not happen with our truly simple Life Cover.

At LifeShield the application is quick and easy by offering guaranteed acceptance this policy is even an option for those who have declined life cover in the past.

If you get ill or injured do you have enough money to protect you and your family?


In the event of your death LifeShield plan pays up to £100,000 tax-free to your beneficiaries on top of any other cover you have.

The table below illustrates some example life cover pricing options available through LifeShield.

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Current Age Policy Benefit Monthly Premium
Non Smoker
Monthly Premium
18-50 £25,000 £5.74 £13.98
18-50 £50,000 £11.47 £27.97
18-50 £100,000 £22.95 £55.93
51-55 £25,000 £15.06 £37.05
51-55 £50,000 £30.12 £74.10
56-61 £25,000 £20.80 £51.39
56-61 £50,000 £41.59 £102.78
Per child (max of 4) £5,000 10% Premium loading 10% Premium loading

Please note: There is a further premium increase for 61-67 year olds. Please speak to one our our advisers on 0333 772 0916 for full details on the increase in premiums.


Criteria for cover acceptance is as follows:
aged between 18-61 years old (renewable to 68 years old)
a permanent UK resident


Why choose the LifeShield Life Cover plan?
a guaranteed acceptance when you meet the eligibility criteria
quick & easy application
no medicals or GP reports
premiums fixed for 5 years


Moratorium Period Applied:

Life Cover does not cover you for claims as a result of a medical condition that existed (including treatment, monitoring, referral, consultations or whilst undergoing tests) in the 3 years prior to taking out the policy, unless you have remained symptom, treatment and consultation free for a period of two consecutive years from the policy start date.


Life Cover does not cover you for: suicide, criminal acts, alcohol or inappropriate drug use, nuclear contamination, war, riots or terrorism.
Please see the Life Cover Policy Document for a detailed explanation of the conditions and exclusions.


At LifeShield our application process is quick and easy and by offering guaranteed acceptance this policy is even an option for those who have been declined life cover in the past.

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